At Shore House Furniture, our interior design specialists can offer inspiration and guidance for your home.  Get advice on everything from paint colors and accent pillows for your living room to centerpiece ideas for your next party.

ONE-ON-ONE ADVICE- The basic color palette of a home, or a particular room, can often be difficult to achieve, yet it can set the tone for an entire feel to an area and make the difference between decorating a house and achieving your dream home interior.



Invite a member of our design team into your home to help solve whatever your “decoratively challenged” area may be.  If you’ve got lots of decorating to do, let us help you set your priorities, determine a budget and finish an area so you can enjoy your home or condo!  Our initial in- home consultation is complimentary and continues to be at no cost if you purchase from us.  We can help you from inspiration to installation.

ONE-ON-ONE ADVICE- Our designers are trained to provide advice catered just to you.  With an in-home visit, our designer can assess your space and provide a personalized design or entertaining plan.



The layout of any particular room and how it flows into other rooms in your home is the first step toward good design.  Whether you’re starting from scratch, or trying to incorporate pieces you have, our team of design experts can assist you in laying out a floor plan that is both functional and beautiful.



Try our free online floor planning tool. You can lay out your room, change dimensions, place furniture, change sizes to match the furniture you want to purchase, create your room to scale and even add doors, windows and other architectural elements. The interactive architectural floor plan provides a great tool to fit furniture to scale into your room plan.

Arrange your furniture and create floor plans for free with their room planning tools, interior design tool, online space planning tool and interactive floor plans. Design your room and place furniture to scale in your room.

By using the interactive Room Planner, you can lay out the precise dimensions of your room online. With a few clicks of a mouse, you can drag furniture around the room to see exactly how everything will fit.

This free online floor planning tool makes it easy to lay out your room, change dimensions, place furniture, changes sizes to match the furniture you want to purchase, and even add doors and other architectural elements.

Create your own floor plans with these easy interior design tools online. You can use our detailed scaled furniture symbols to depict your room layout. A room planner graphically depicts how furniture will fit in the room between windows and doors. See how furniture placement will affect the traffic flow in the room and how focal points and symmetry have been used to create a useful and beautiful setting. Revising the plan is easy.

Mix it up – Move it around – Find what works!