furnishing a condoSpring is officially here, and while you may have already completed your cleaning spree, there’s another way to freshen up your home for the season: adding in some new decor. Your condo may have looked great in fall and winter, but now that the weather is warmer and the days are lasting longer, it’s time to bring in some fresh, airy elements. Your condo furnishing options will never be limited, especially if you incorporate the beauty of spring into your design. Below, you’ll find three springy ideas for furnishing a condo during this time of year.

  1. Mix crisp white and bright colors
    From furniture to paint, white is always going to look clean and crisp. This is especially important during spring and summer when you want your indoor spaces to feel inviting and light. If you think white is too boring, you can add some visual interest with pops of bright color. When you go furniture shopping, steer away from dark or muted tones. Instead, look for white and bright. Use bold throw pillows, curtains, vases, or other decorative components to give a blank slate and exciting feel.
  2. Take inspiration from nature
    Using natural elements in your design is one of the best ideas for furnishing a condo in spring. Reclaimed wood, which is typically taken from old buildings, bridges, and furniture, can work well for tables, chairs, and desks. When you visit furniture stores for these items, try to find wood that’s medium-to-light in color; wood that’s too dark will seem heavy and cumbersome. Be sure to decorate those surfaces with glass jars filled with fresh flowers and succulents or bowls filled with stones, seashells, or citrus fruit. By using materials you find in nature in your design, you’ll be bringing the outdoors in.
  3. Use light linens
    Heavy curtains can bring down the feel of the entire room. If you use weighty drapes, consider switching them out for sheer ones in spring and summer. Not only will this allow sunlight to pour in during the day, but it’ll help keep the temperatures more comfortable. They provide a beautiful, breezy feel, which is ideal for the season. And of course, it’ll provide an even better view of that beautiful coastline.

Regardless of your personal style or budgetary concerns, we’ll help you find furnishings that are the perfect fit for your home. Want more ideas for furnishing a condo? Take a look around our website or visit Shore House Furniture today!