furniture storesWith spring steadily on its way, it’s time to add a little more color into your home this season. Shake off the dusty cold of winter while maintaining a balanced home furnishing budget. A simple change of curtains can rapidly improve the feel of a space, saving you from having to go out and rethink all your home furnishing styles. Here are nine new curtain designs to choose from to spice up your living space.

  1. Striped Red: The bright burst of color from red striped curtains can really add a new level of class to a home. Whether you’re new at furnishing a home or simply want something a little different, the bright warmth of red can do no wrong.
  2. Sheer Curtains: A good tip for getting a more airy and beach-like effect in your home is to use sheer white curtains. It allows a lightness and calm feeling through the room and the curtains themselves are relatively inexpensive at most furniture stores.
  3. Simple Neutrals: You can never go wrong with a classic neutral curtain. Adding a casual yet sophisticated look to any space, simple neutral patterns can’t be beat
  4. Yellow: For people who really need a splash of color in their space, yellow curtains are the way to go. Some great tips for furnishing a home is the smart use of color, and yellow can really make any space pop.
  5. English Tan: For the classic, vintage style, tan English curtains offer subtly and elegance to any space. They might be difficult to find in furniture stores, though.
  6. Dyed: For a truly unique style, consider dying your curtains to be two-toned. This will create a look that belongs to you and you alone, and make for interesting discussion for guests.
  7. Plaid: For a strong, patterned appearance, plaid curtains offer a nice, cohesive look to the space. They also have the added benefit of complementing a space with different designs and coloring.
  8. Powder Blue: A nice light blue curtain allows for the room to have a sense of softness and cleanliness to it, simply by the color alone. Curtains in a wide range of blue hues can be found at many furniture stores, so take your pick!
  9. Crazy Patterns: If you really want to add new life to a room, use some crazy and unique patterns. They add an element of fun and playfulness that can really help revive a space.

If it’s time for a change this spring, you’d be surprised what a new pair of curtains can do to really enhance a space. We hope you found these ideas helpful when beginning your home furnishing process.