home furnishing budgetWhether you’re decorating a new home for the first time or the fifteenth, coming up with new ideas for furnishing a home can be exciting — and stressful. But even if you have a tight home furnishing budget, you can still fill your home with quality pieces that will complement your style. Here are a few ways to stick to that budget while you’re furniture shopping.

Make Several Lists
Make a list of the things you already have, the things you absolutely need, and the things that would be nice to have. Include important notes such as measurements or color schemes. Carry all of this information around with you every time you visit furniture stores so that you’ll never have to second-guess whether a piece you love will actually fit in your new space.

Practice Patience
As a new homeowner, it’s tempting to rush out to buy all of your furniture to make your home feel immediately lived-in and comfortable. However, that’s also an easy way to blow your home furnishing budget fast on pieces you might regret later. Taking your time to wait for a good deal on the right piece is often worthwhile. Valentine’s Day and Memorial Day, for example, are two of the most popular times for furniture store sales.

Make Sensible Choices
If you have or plan to have pets or children, make sure you choose furniture that is built to last. Dark-colored sofas and chairs will be more resilient to spills or stains; well-constructed tables or bookshelves can last for generations. While it may seem counterintuitive, spending more money on a quality piece of furniture now will help you save in the long run by eliminating the costs of future repairs or replacements.

Sticking to a reasonable home furnishing budget is entirely possible, so long as you go in with a plan and a course of action. Get to know the dimensions of your new home and set an aesthetic goal before you buy your furniture. With the right touch, your house will be transformed into a home in no time.