tips for furnishing a homeOf the many home furnishing styles to choose from, perhaps you are most inspired by Paris, the City of Light. And why not? The French live well, eat well, dress well, and decorate their homes with elegance, sophistication, and practicality.

Paris has inspired some of the world’s most famous writers and painters. The Parisians must be doing something right. So, if you’re looking for tips for furnishing a home, why not take a page out of their book?

Four Tips for Furnishing a Home Like a Parisian

  1. The artistry is in the architectural details. If your house or apartment was built during the last several decades, it might not have the ornate moldings and mantels that are so unique to classic French architecture. That doesn’t mean that you can’t add your own opulent French-inspired features, however. For example, you can furnish your bedroom with a lovely French Regency-style bedframe and headboard.
  2. Show culture by displaying your collectibles. Every Parisian flat should show evidence of a well-cultured life, equipped with antiques and souvenirs collected during your many travels. Books should be abundant, art should be displayed, and antiques should serve as furniture. Consider an old wooden trunk as a coffee table.
  3. You are where you eat. In French culture, meals are social events, not hurried inconveniences. In a Parisian apartment you wouldn’t dream of eating take-out on the couch, which means that you need a proper dining area. Set up a small dining table with at least four chairs so that you can share a meal with guests the right way. Of course, Parisian apartments are typically very small. Keep in mind your limited space when decorating your home. For instance, when you are planning furniture in a room, don’t neglect to measure the space before furniture shopping to see if your new pieces will fit.
  4. ”Elegance is restraint.” Coco Chanel said that, and for some Parisians, it’s a way of life. Your Parisian apartment must be clear of clutter. With the exception of well-placed antiques and a few favorite books, nothing should be left out. Every item should have its place in a drawer, cabinet, or closet. Clutter causes stress, and that simply won’t do when you’re living like a Parisian.

“When spring comes to Paris the humblest mortal alive must feel that he dwells in paradise,” said the famous writer Henry Miller. Follow the tips above, and you can enjoy that Parisian paradise every single day.