home furnishing stylesFall is a transitional season. While Mother Nature is making big changes outside, why not change things up inside your home as well? Below you will find some fun new home furnishing styles and ideas that interior designers are really excited about this season.

Interior designers are falling in love with colorless design this fall season. It is all about using texture and shape, instead of color, to create contrast. A great example is decorating a room with all off-white, beige, and cream-colored décor.

Another great idea for furnishing a home this fall is mixing and matching styles while sticking with an overarching color palette. For instance, you can incorporate antiques with more modern items, unifying them with a white and silver theme.

Flea Market Finds
One way to begin furnishing a room is by choosing a single object from a flea market. Once you have that piece, design the rest of the room around it. This is a great technique to use if you’re not sure what you want to do with a room or if you’re struggling to choose between home furnishing styles. You can find a lot of great stuff at flea markets and garage sales. While you’re out furniture shopping, keep an eye out for old barn wood furniture. It is extremely sought after for its richness and patina.

Why not show off your passions? Let your home tell a story about who you are and where you’ve been. Displaying your favorite books, artwork, or record collection can be a great conversation starter. Though not specific to the fall season, this is one of those great ideas for furnishing a condo, house, or apartment that interior designers are really embracing this year.

Interesting Accents
Interior designers are currently into using small but noticeable accent pieces to brighten up a room. They recommend using lacquered trays as an inexpensive way to inject color, contrast, and a little character into an otherwise monochromatic space. These trays can hold anything from magazines to indoor plants to interesting vintage bottles.

Even adding some new artwork or painting a room can make an old home feel brand new. Try some of these styling techniques or come up with your own fun ideas for the fall season.