furnishing a homeFurnishing a new home is exciting. Between selecting color palettes, choosing decorative pillows and throws, and installing shelves for all your favorite knick-knacks, you are probably feeling quite eager to fill all of that empty space. But before you embark on an epic furniture shopping extravaganza, take a moment to make a plan. You don’t want to make any of the following mistakes commonly made by new homeowners.

Three Common Mistakes People Make When Furnishing a Home

  1. Buying everything immediately: It’s only natural that you would want to make all those empty rooms feel like home as soon as you move in. As tempting as it is, don’t throw all your money into one big shopping spree. Interior decorating requires strategic planning. Make a list of what you need for each room in the house. You will also want to set a home furnishing budget ahead of time.
  2. Trusting your eye: Before hitting the furniture stores, always measure your space. You absolutely must know the dimensions of a space and decorate it to scale so that every piece of furniture is proportionate to the room. In addition to measuring the space in which a piece of furniture will sit, it is also essential that you measure doorways and hallways to ensure that moving the piece will be possible.
  3. Stuffing rooms to capacity: While shopping, you might see a lot of things that you like. Sadly, you can’t necessarily have them all. You must have some space to move around freely for the sake of safety and aesthetic. It is absolutely okay to have some empty space and blank walls. Over-decorating is entirely possible and it never looks good.

Take your time when furnishing a home, even if that means focusing on one room at a time. Make sure you love each piece that you acquire and don’t skimp on quality simply because you want to fill space quickly. Fine quality furniture is a lasting investment. Look for pieces that have less apparent welding, better sanding and finishing, and mechanisms to conceal hardware. Plastic, metal, or rubber furniture legs never look as nice, damage your floors, and don’t hold up as well as higher quality materials.

If you have any additional advice or ideas for furnishing a home, feel free to post in the comments section below.